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04 Apr

Support for EBU Smart Radio initiative strengthens

German commercial broadcaster Klassik Radio AG has signed up for the EBU Smart Radio initiative. The campaign, which promotes the integration of analogue and digital broadcast chips in every mobile device,... Read more
20 Mar

Radio's hybrid future: 'Smart Radio'

The EBU-led initiative to assure the hybrid future of radio today (21 March) took an important and symbolic step towards harnessing global momentum. Read more
08 Mar

Motor Show 2014: are auto-makers ready for FM switchover?

A wander through the halls of the Geneva International Motor Show provides a snapshot of the status of digital radio on the in-car entertainment menu. And the impression from this year's show is overwhelmingly... Read more
14 Feb

Digital Radio Summit: 50% is the magic number

A packed conference room at the EBU for the 2014 Digital Radio Summit was a clear sign of the growing optimism around digital radio across Europe. The conversation has largely moved beyond questions of... Read more

Digital Radio

In general digital radio refers to all digital platforms and technologies that allow listeners to access radio services. In a more narrow sense it means "digital terrestrial radio" via DAB/DAB+ or DRM. Advantages over analogue listening include clearer sound, more choice of stations and additional services like text, pictures, internet links and geo-referenced data. EBU Technology & Innovation Department offers more technical details.

Hybrid Radio

Combination of terrestrial broadcast and broadband services in order to create more benefits through using the best of both technological worlds: cheap distribution of live radio via broadcast, personalized services via IP. This could be FM and IP, but DAB/DAB+ and IP offer a wider range of choices, supported by Radio DNS. Consumer can tune by station name, instead of scrolling frequencies.

Smart Radio

To ensure free-to-air broadcast in all radio devices, especially in smart phones. For a transition period a chipset providing analogue and digital broadcast should be implemented in mobile phones and tablets. The Smart Radio Initiative, formerly the Euro-Chip Initiative, is:

  • a concept and a campaign to ensure the future of radio as a free-to-air broadcast service
  • a challenge for creative program makers to come up with new ideas combining live broadcast with the Internet back-channel
  • a strategy ensuring enhanced (traffic) safety across Europe while providing a reliable cheap network to reach the whole population
  • an opportunity for new business models based on the vast possibilities of personalized internet services connected to a linear broadcast world



The EBU launched the Euro-Chip campaign together with the heads of public service radio in France, French-speaking Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Commercial broadcasters have also been part of the conversation from the outset. More are joining, and we are already in talks with carmakers, mobile phone and device manufacturers, chipset manufacturers and network operators. Current signatories include 7 broadcasters / organizations from the commercial side and 12 public service media. View the document.

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